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Image via Laboratorio Paravicini

I think it was a few years back that I discovered the most gorgeous line of Italian hand-painted plates and filed it away under "tabletop inspirations" only to luckily find it again when thinking about Easter entertaining ideas.

Mother-daughter duo Costanza Paravicini and Benedetta Medici are the creative force behind the Milan-based tableware line, Laboratorio Paravicini. Their delicate hand-painted whimsical designs are unique and inspiring playing on contemporary interpretations of classic motifs.

The studio, located in a hidden courtyard in the historical centre of Milan is where all of the design magic happens. For over twenty years Costanza Paravicini has been creating beautiful and useable tableware utilizing the traditional decorating method of Gran Fuoco sulla Terraglia Bianca (high temperature firing on white earthenware).

The manufacturing process results in a unique brightness and the designs remain protected while making the plates suitable for everyday use and even machine wash- definitely a rarity!

The designs are simultaneously exotic yet somehow easy and approachable. Dreamlike drawings feature everything from hot-air balloons, snakes, jungle animals, classical initial monograms to circus jugglers.

“Ceramics is like music”, says Costanza Paravicini. And every plate resonates a different melody.

The house continuously offers new designs, shapes and customizations while always drawing inspiration from the classic tradition of Italian pottery.

Each year at Milan Design Week, they present a new collection of printed plate sets. The plates, all different from one another, are designed by Costanza's daughters Benedetta and Margherita.

Laboratorio Paravicini has also been quietly making custom dining sets for more than twenty years.

Their 'made-to-measure' production program brings together Costanza, Benedetta and Margherita’s expertise alongside every client's unique needs and desires. Decorations are customizable with bespoke monograms, designs and colors. Perfect for the bride-to-be or even as a special gift, the plates are just as lovely decorating a wall as they are a table.

For further information on the product offerings or for custom order inquires, email to:

If you happen to be traveling to Italy this summer, be sure to pop in and visit this true hidden gem:

Laboratorio Paravicini
Via Nerino 8, 20123 - Milano, Italy +39 02 72021006

From Monday to Friday 9:30 - 13:30. Afternoon by appointment


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