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Image via BR Home

I got quite the shock on Wednesday morning when I opened an email from Banana Republic debuting their expansive new home furnishings line, BR Home. There had been some stirrings in the industry, especially after the soft launch of textiles, pillows, and accessories last Spring, but this collection really blew me away.

Spanning across bedroom, living room, and dining room furniture as well as lighting, and home décor, BR Home features materials and craftsmanship from around the world showcasing the hand-made skills of artisans and traditional production techniques. Not a generic product line one might expect from a large-scale clothing retailer.

The BR Home collection showcases signature design details, warm textural layers, and premium natural materials

like French Oak, marble, brass, cashmere, and organic cotton, sourced and created by skilled global artisans who specialize in the use of these elements.

Aesthetically, there is something for just about everyone in the three style expressions.

“Textured Modern,” “Classic Chic,” and “Explore.” With its clean lines and mixed materials, “Textured Modern” will speak the language of minimalists, while Classic Chic will lean more traditional and “Explore” will be about artisanal craftsmanship and organic neutrals.

“Whether traditional global handicraft, American heritage production, or small companies working in this era of maker culture, product craftsmanship is a Banana Republic legacy," says Aaron Rose, Chief Commerce and Experience Officer for Banana Republic. “This dynamic collection celebrates the beauty of high-quality natural materials and skilled artisans, creatives, and those designers whose work reflects our brand values and allows us to support craftsmanship communities around the world.”

The collection debuted with a dedicated website at and will be in select US stores by the end of the month. There will also be two BR Home experiences in New York and Los Angeles at some point in September.

I had a hard time selecting my favorite pieces. It is such a well-rounded collection given the three distinct style iterations, but of course I am most excited about mixing them all together.

Here are a few standouts and my top picks from a notable first collection:

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