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Image via The Urban Electric Co.

Like anything, it is usually the little things that create the most impact. Particularly when it comes to lighting. Swapping out dreaded builder-grade flush mounts for elevated fixtures is a simple design decision that immediately brings character and personalization to a space.

Rooms such as hallways, pantries, basements, closets, and stairways, where flush mounts often reign given space restrictions, tend to get overlooked. Since lighting dramatically impacts mood and ambiance, upgrading these fixtures shifts the energy from utilitarian to unique.

I love replacing basic flush mounts because it is an opportunity to create a cohesive design environment throughout the entire home by selecting complementary finishes, textures and colors.

In recent years, there has been an explosion in "designed" flush mounts. The options are truly endless in terms of material combinations making it a fun endeavor to select new styles. Most flush mount fixtures are designed for easy installation so upgrades are hassle-free.

Here is a round-up of my current favorites:

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