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The change of season always brings with it a renewed sense of inspiration. The shift in temperature, the difference in daylight, the smell in the air, the change in clothing texture, and the flowers & produce that fill the markets all help to usher in a new period of the year; different but just as beautiful as the previous.

At the start of each, I like to scheme and dream of tablescapes adding new pieces to old and incorporating different patterns, colors, and textures that give a nod to the season without the cliche.

This Autumn, I have been gravitating towards varying shades of green paired with burnt orange, eggplant and brass and like always, adding visual interest through layered patterns and opposing textures.

From green bamboo cutlery to an exquisite embroidered tablecloth, to my favorite pleated shade re-chargeable LED lamp; here are a few of my favorite new finds to inspire a seasonal tablescape- which would look even better when paired with some of your own heirloom items like china, silver, and even rustic wood.

Happy Fall!

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