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Image via Anthropologie

My maximalist side was thrilled for the recent debut of the House of Hackney x Anthropologie collection. I actually linked the gorgeous bar cabinet in last week's Weekend Finds post. The entire collection is beautiful and a complete departure from the earthy minimalistic vibe of BR Home, the line I recently spotlighted here. I love nothing more than a stark style contrast and here we have it!

Based in London, House of Hackney (founded in 2011) is inspired by traditional British print houses. Their design vision is a mix of modern maximalism and quintessential English nostalgia. The brand is renowned for crafting pieces that are opulent, detailed, whimsical and elaborate. They put a spin on tradition and aim to craft pieces they consider to be "future heirlooms".

The collection boasts close to 200 pieces spanning across a variety of home categories including wallpaper, paint, tabletop, pillows, lighting, accessories and furniture.

The exclusive Fall collection for Anthropologie delivers all of the Autumnal moods and dials up the discussion on the return to lavish interiors.

While over the top, the aesthetic remains sophisticated and elegant with that classic dash of British whimsy.

One or two pieces are all you need to make a serious statement. From the prettiest petite bar cart to my new favorite floral wallpaper- here are my top picks from the collection.

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