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Image via Casa Branca

Recently, on a wallpaper deep dive, I came across a beautiful printed grasscloth and fell in love. The paper it turns out, is part of a fabulous collection designed by an even more fabulous designer, Alessandra Branca.

If you aren't familiar, be sure to check out her work here and book for some really incredible inspiration and wild color & pattern pairings.

Raised in Rome but residing in Chicago, she carries classical Italian inspiration into her designs which focus on elegant comfort and whimsical details offset by rich colors, patterns and distinctive furnishings.

Her vision and design inspirations are brought to life with Casa Branca- her home line that features textured wallpapers, printed textiles, outdoor fabrics, embroidered linens, furniture collaborations and more. The collection truly speaks to her style dubbed- "the mix".

One of the highlights is the outdoor collection- La Vita Giardino. Inspired by the indoor/outdoor living of Rome, the collection was designed with Branca's Italian upbringing at the forefront incorporating performance textiles that are designed to look and feel as luxurious as those used inside the home.

I think the outdoor pillows are really spectacular and would be such a great way to add a "piece" of the collection into your existing outdoor furniture scheme.

If you are ever in Palm Beach, be sure to pop into the Casa Branca store- a little jewel box that features the collection alongside vintage accessories, lighting and many unique objets & curiosities!

The Casa Branca wallpaper and fabric collections are available through Miller Robinson Styling & Spaces. For inquires, send me an email:


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