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Image via Richard Bailey

The NYNOW Winter Market Show here in New York wrapped up a few weeks ago. Like always, the trade-only show provides a great opportunity to see what's upcoming in market trends and the opportunity to discover new brands.

I landed upon Bati Goods, the Paraguayan leather line in the Handmade Global Design section; one of my favorite parts of the show that features unique and inspiring artisan products.

My eyes immediately zeroed in on a stack of gorgeous hand-stitched leather trays perched on a corner display table.

Hand-crafted in the small jungle village of Tobati, Paraguay, the leather home goods line features a multitude of serving trays, bar ware, boxes, placemats, tabletop items and other decorative accessories.

I was drawn to the incredible stitching detail, woven handles and just the overall beauty of the leather itself.

All of the goods are intentionally made to age and evolve with time; crafted from locally sourced vegetable-tanned leather from Paraguayan cattle. Each piece is unique to the hide it comes from and patinas differently depending on use.

"We strive to create original, inspired pieces that will turn heads and elevate your living space. Bati espouses a minimalist aesthetic and begs to draw your attention to the impeccable leather quality and craftsmanship behind each good."

I always gravitate towards authentic high-quality leather because of the very fact that it will naturally age and change over time. The result will be unique to individual usage, care and sun exposure therefore no two pieces will ever be the same.

Many people fear the scratches or texture and color differences but this is what truly brings life and depth- wherein the real beauty lies.

Bati's leather is treated exclusively with organic ingredients to give a natural glow and allow them to soften and strengthen over time. The leather is not treated with chemicals in the tanning process creating slight imperfections which are embraced.

While I typically prefer natural tan and brown leathers, the lines' vibrant seasonal colors like the orange, teal and pink are so rich & unique and would be absolutely beautiful for summer entertaining.

Like many global artisan lines, Bati Goods also has a story as rich as its leather.

The line was founded in 2017 as a way to provide more opportunities for students of the Macchi School in Tobati, Paraguay. Bati Co-Founder Taylor Ross spent several years working as an English Professor at the school before returning state-side and looking for a way to reconnect and give back to the town.

Ross connected with town local Juan Carlos, known as the El Mago de Cuero, 'The Leather Magician' , and discovered a shared passion for the Macchi school. Juan Carlos, enthusiastic about the mission and pledging to help it succeed, became the lead artisan for all of the products.

The creation of Bati reflects this timeless bond between the people of Tobati and the natural environment that sustains them.

I can't wait to style some of these beautiful accessories in upcoming design projects and I'm excited to see what comes next for the brand.

The Bati Goods Line is available for purchase through Miller Robinson.

Please email for more details:

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