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I recently posted about my antique candle wall sconces and love for taper candles here. Since then, I started to notice more and more candle sconces popping up in mainstream retailers.

The timeless design element is making a modern comeback after their popularity peak during the 17th and 18th centuries (Versailles vibes).

The perfect way to add ambiance with sculptural detail and a subtle glow, candle sconces can be used to anchor a vignette by flanking a mirror or large piece of art. They are a great option for finished homes because they require no wiring and bring a sense of warmth and old world elegance to a room. I particularly love them for dining rooms as entertaining immediately feels intimate in candlelight.

I really do light mine on a regular basis and you would be surprised how the energy in the room instantly shifts.

Here are some readily available options to work with any decor scheme:

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1. Artemis Wall Taper Holder

2. Anna Antique Bronze Holder

3. Pewter Wall Sconce

4. Fredericks & Mae Taper Sconce

5. Ripple Brass Holder

6. Camden Taper Wall Sconce Holder

7. Clip Wall Candle Holder

8. Parlor Mirrored Wall Sconce Holder

9. Vela Blackened Brass Taper Holder

10. Brass Wall Sconce

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