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Don't you find the simplest of acts give us the most pleasure? As technology rapidly advances and we move towards more automation, I feel the urge to slow down only grow.

Small, simple, daily rituals done with true intention help reconnect us back. For me, this often looks like a morning walk to something specific in nature (the newest blooms in the park or the birds on the lake upstate). It can look like sitting down for a few minutes to read a physical print magazine with an afternoon espresso and a piece of very good chocolate.

But my favorite "ritual" is in the evening. I like to bookend the day and welcome the night by slowly lighting the candles in my apartment with matches.

There is something about the timeless physical act of striking a match that is incredibly peaceful.

Taper candles, both tall and thin or shorter and slightly wider are always my styling go-to. They are classically romantic and give off the prettiest glow that is truly hard to replicate with other styles.

No matter how chaotic the day, when I take time to walk around and light up all of the candles it immediately feels like a special occasion.

I am always collecting and swapping out various antique candlesticks & holders. The simple secret to good styling is creating a mix and match of different finishes like soft pewter paired with patinated brass to bring in character and visual interest.

I have many candlesticks passed down through family heirlooms but I'm always picking up something at an antique store or if I happen to be looking for something very specific, Chairish is a great resource as you can get pretty detailed with a search.

My most favorite candle is the 7" Grecian Collenette from Root Candles. The textured ribbing is elegant and elevated and I love the more substantial style especially for my wall sconces and glass lanterns.

Since they are an all-natural beeswax blend with a natural fiber wick, they are incredibly long lasting which certainly helps this frequent ritual.

I've linked the candles as well as a selection of antique candlesticks and wall sconces in a variety of styles and finishes all meant to inspire.

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