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A fun look that has been cropping up in everything from tabletop, wallpaper and even formal dresses is this 'sophisticated side of tropical' aesthetic featuring exotic birds alongside beautiful botanicals.

Nothing new in terms of inspiration, as birds have been inspiring designers for centuries dating back to the late16th century when the first wallpaper designs from China depicted exotic birds perched in trees. The beautifully detailed portrayal made them highly sought after in interior design and the trend never really tired.

Image via ELLE DECOR

The exotic theme continued to be prominent in the British colonial style where traditional decor intermingled with tropical design and local materials resulting in the colonial Caribbean style with its contrast of airy tones and dark wooden accents.

The influence of Asian, Caribbean, and African design were reflected in the use of distinctive prints and unique collected accessories. Elegant birds and tropical palm motifs were often features of the design and representative of the exotic locale.

Image via Johanna Ortiz

Image via Melissa Rufty

Fast forward to today's take on the tropical trend featuring a bolder color palette and re-imagined classic patterns. The 'Birds of Paradise' aesthetic suggests a fantastical year-round summertime feel.

Image via Johanna Ortiz RTW

You can easily bring the look home by incorporating refined materials like rattan, sisal and rich tropical woods as a neutral backdrop.

Adding in touches of gold lighting, hardware, and accessories help bring dimension and elevate the overall look. Top it off with potted palms, plenty of greens and orchids for a truly tropical feel.

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Statement wallpaper with tropical birds and botanical patterns are also becoming increasingly popular. Definitely a bold commitment but I think it is a fun opportunity to create high-impact design in small spaces like powder rooms or closets. If wallpaper feels too permanent, throw pillows with exotic designs can be the perfect addition to an otherwise neutral room adding just a touch of the tropics.

Image via The Colony Hotel

Image via Andrew Skurman Design

Here are some new, fun and commitment-free exotic inspired finds to get the look:

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