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Photo via The D Shop

Now that we are officially in the "dark period" which I like to refer to as January through March, the days are short and most of our time is spent indoors and proper lighting is more important now than ever. Always one of the most integral parts of good design, lighting can truly enhance the most basic of spaces.

I really like to layer lighting and consider multiple sources no matter how small a room. In addition to overhead lighting (perhaps recessed or track lighting depending upon your situation) I like to always add a feature center ceiling fixture like a chandelier or pendant, a large corner floor lamp, a smaller sized floor task lamp (like a library light) and multiple table tamps.

'You don't light for the light, you light for shadows,' says Martin Waller, founder of the Andrew Martin furniture & home decor store . 'As the darker evenings draw in, it’s time to look for new ways of lighting the corners of our homes that have become accustomed to the lingering sunlight of the warmer months.'

'Artful ceiling lights and thoughtfully placed lamps can transform a room into a cozy sanctuary in which to hibernate through the winter. '

I find table lamps to be the key component to creating that elegant, ambient, and magical feel that cannot be achieved from any other source of lighting.

Lately, there are so many interesting and chic table lamps on the market. Not only do they do the job in terms of actual lighting but stylish fixtures can enhance room decor in a way that large scale pieces of furniture simply cannot. Think of them like jewelry that completes an outfit.

With all of the innovative things going on in the lighting world, these are the trends in table lamps that I am noticing and really loving:

Image via Pexels

Image via Athena Calderone

Natural and Woven Textures

My favorite spaces are those that feature some type of woven texture throughout. Lately, there has been a resurgence in natural textures in furniture and accessories and that has made its way through to lighting. Rattan, jute, seagrass and wood materials are all making a comeback and truly warm up any room.

Image via Carla Aston

Image via The D Shop

Sculptural/Mix & Match Materials

At last, I feel like we are finally exiting the land of the "white linen drum shade" and moving on to more exciting silhouettes and bolder sculptural shapes that showcase a lamp even when it is turned off- creating another piece of art in a room. The trend towards mix & match materials like combining plaster with bronze creates even more interest and I love the aesthetic of the sophisticated yet organic forms.

Image via Jeremiah Brent

Image via Lulu and Georgia

Metallic and Marble

I love any combination of metallic, marbles and other richly textured stones. When paired together in a table lamp the look is elevated, unique and very chic. The light from a metal or marble lamp is diffused and often super soft and ambient; perfect for evening lighting.

Image via Kelly Wearstler

Art Deco Inspired Shapes

While the Art Deco period has been a driving source of design inspiration for quite some time now, I like the current trend that is leaning in towards the softer and more restrained stylings of the period. The sprinkling of metal, less severe rounded shapes and updated materials are a fun way to bring in interest without major commitment.


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