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Image via Gilles et Boissier

I'm sure by now you have seen at least one image floating around the internet of the gorgeous Parisian apartment shared by husband and wife design team, Patrick Gilles and Dorothée Boissier.

Since 2004, the Gilles & Boissier firm have designed a wide-range of projects from hospitality to residential, luxury boutiques and lifestyle restaurants. The large-scale luxurious projects have brought them international recognition but lately the modern yet eclectic aesthetic of their Parisian apartment continues to circulate as a source of design inspiration.

The duo is renowned for their “opposites attract” design philosophy- of which as you can imagine creative disagreement often gives way to design inspiration. They each carry a specific role and bring together a unique style to create a unified vision.

On a day to day basis, Patrick is the agency’s artistic director, creating all of the interior projects with the design team while Dorothée works on brand development and the agency's furniture and accessories collection. While Gilles is recognized for utilizing exquisite woods and defined lines, Boissier is noted for her celebrated use of color and design fluidity.

The Gilles & Boissier aesthetic is a magical mix of classicism, minimalism, and eclectic elegance. The design philosophy centers around showcasing the art of living “à la Française” and each design is unique with that eclectic purpose.

In every project, they also give “carte blanche” to an artist to create a one of a kind mural, large scale drawing, or freeform artwork to further transform the space.

“We love Les Choses. We create a collection of projects, furniture, objects, and emotions; a collection that tells our story, pairing, mixing and conjugating relentlessly and not without pleasure, the words of the illustrator and the drawings of the writer, with France as roots and the world as horizon.”

The firm was responsible for the luxurious and sophisticated interiors of the main Moncler brand of stores, which snowballed into all 200 stores and then the Italian residence, Saint Moritz chalet, and personal yacht of the brand owner.

Similarly, the owner of Starwood Capital Group entrusted the duo with the first iteration of his new brand of hotels- the Baccarat collection. Gilles & Boissier were tasked with designing the common area, spa and rooms of the first Baccarat hotel in New York. Combining 18th century design with modern New York inspired influences, it became the catalyst for countless other brand projects like the Four Seasons Group, Six Senses and Mandarin Oriental.

Dorothée studied at the top Paris graphic design school and commenced her career at (then) up-and-coming architecture firm Christian Liaigre, helping to grow the success of the brand by incorporating interior design alongside furniture creation. She later joined the Phillipe Starck brand and nine years later opened Gilles & Boissier with Patrick.

Patrick, born in Seville, Spain, studied in Paris at the Camondo school for graphic and interior design. Upon graduation he joined Christian Liaigre where he met Dorothée. He left Liaigre to open his own design agency PG Studio, until later joining forces with Dorothée.

The agency and family (including children Félix and Zóe) are based in Paris.

In an excerpt from an interview with The Socialite Family, the duo discuss design and inspiration:

THE SOCIALITE FAMILY You’re surrounded by art every day. But if you had to choose which artists influenced you and your work, who would they be?


Paul Cézanne, Claude Monet, Pierre Bonnard, Paul Gauguin and Pablo Picasso. As well as Cy Tombly and Richard Avedon.

How did your tastes develop?


By navigating life, observing, flicking through art catalogues, working, being happy with ourselves.

When did you realise you wanted to dedicate yourself to the beautiful things in life?


After seeing Bob Wilson’s production of “Madame Butterfly”. I would have been 17 years old. An array of decors, musique, voices, costumes, lights… Beauty beyond words!

You love historic objects. Do you consider yourselves collectors?


We have no desire to become collectors, but we do love objects that work in harmony. From photos to sculptures, ceramics, paper cut-outs or twisted rope. We live with these pieces and love them as much as the artists themselves.

For more incredibly chic inspiration and their sought-after eclectic yet elegant aesthetic, the Gillies & Boissier coffee table is really one worth adding to the collection.

It is currently on sale and available to purchase here.


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