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Traditional block-printed fabrics are made by hand carving designs into wood blocks, covering with ink, and pressing onto cloth to transfer the design. Renowned for exotic designs, the colors are vibrant with intricate details that typically cover the length of the fabric.

Block-prints are perfect for summer giving off effortless yet elegant vibes both in home and fashion.

From pleated lamp shades to wrapped earrings, the printed fabric is truly a summer staple.

Here are some of my recent favorites:

Shop the Board

The easiest breeziest cotton slip dress

Freshen up existing sconces or chandeliers with these printed lamp shades

A baby blanket perfect for gifting

I love these fun block print wrapped hoops

The prettiest printed placemat set

A delicate scalloped detail makes a napkin special

Their patterned table runners work equally well for entertaining or everyday

A block patterned (and fringed) umbrella to make the beach chic

Travel bags and pouches to keep or gift


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