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Image via The Daily Beast

With barely-there signs of Spring on the horizon I'm focused on just a general sense of lightness in home, decor & fashion as we head into March. There seems to be an emerging trend towards a 'return of romance' with pretty color palettes, delicate materials, feminine silhouettes and dainty floral prints. I'm looking forward to embracing the soft & the gentle- certainly a welcomed direction with the recent events of the world weighing heavy on our hearts.

Shop the Board:

one: Southern Living's latest collection for lighting company Regina Andrews features this darling brass buffet lamp

two: Known for their gorgeous floral printed stationary, Rifle Paper Co. recent collaboration showcases rugs as pretty as their papers

three: File this away under the perfect engagement party present

four: Proving that even an ice bucket can be pretty, this vintage raffia one has delicate bow details just right for Easter entertaining

five: A scalloped woven side-table that would be a great girls room accent piece

six: I love an over-scale leaned mirror and this rose detailed style lends a touch of romance

seven: They have perfected feminine floral prints and this simple silhouette is a standout

eight: Petal-inspired cream colored earrings that transition right into Spring

nine: These pretty placemats involve cotton grown on small family farms and hand woven in villages across India

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