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I have friends and family in France right now and I have been inspired (and of course slightly jealous) by their travels throughout Provence and the casual chic aesthetic of the French countryside.

Taking a cue form Van Gogh's Provençal 'Sunflowers", this weekend's favorites are full of relaxed wovens, saturated sunflower hues, and timeless stripes.

Whether you are traveling close to home or afar, here are some inspired summer finds.

Enjoy the weekend!

Shop the Board

one. A perfect post-pool day dress

two. Indoor or outdoor, these woven ottomans add a dose of casual texture

three. These fringe trimmed cushions are laid-back while remaining stylish

four. A true classic, this striped swimsuit is the epitome of chic

five. The combination of materials and the plaster surface is noteworthy

six. Simply a dream summer sandal

seven. If Provence was a purse...

eight. Create French inspired dinners in your backyard with their beautiful runners and tablecloths

nine. Top off the table with these rattan wrapped candlesticks


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