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Image via Veranda Magazine

I posted a reel on instagram featuring a canvas wall tapestry I picked up from a tiny shop in France last summer (click here to view). It was an impulse purchase but I saw it hanging on the wall tucked in the back of the store and knew I would somehow find the right place for it.

Even though it wasn't something I initially sought out to purchase as "art" it is the unexpected piece I have come to love the most.

Image via Pinterest

Wallhangings or tapestries often have bad reputations, conjuring up images of dated medieval style or on the contrary, psychedelic hippie vibes. But incorporating antique tapestries, rich canvas wallhangings, or various textiles as key art pieces is the perfect way to invoke warmth and character. Whether family heirlooms or items collected from travel, beautiful wallhangings bring a deeply personalized touch to a space.

I particularly love the contrast of a more traditional wallhanging paired alongside modern pieces. Especially when pairing art, the juxtaposition of classic and contemporary artwork in a room adds an incredible layer of visual interest and that "collected" feel.

I recently purchased a modern surrealist photograph that I plan to hang on the wall directly across from my antique canvas wallhanging and I can't wait to see how they will contrast yet enhance one another.

Image via Jorge Elias

Tapestry wallhangings are one of the oldest forms of woven textile. By definition, a tapestry is a type of textile art traditionally woven by hand on a loom. It is a weft-faced weaving where all of the warp threads are hidden in the completed work.

Historically, large tapestries were meant to add color to an otherwise neutral room and also to serve as a way to keep out cold drafts. Most importantly, they were a form of visual storytelling through their dramatic depiction of mythology and biblical scenes.

Image via Meredith McBrearty

As you think about art for your home, consider mixing in softer works like tapestries, canvas wallhangings, or textile pieces. A great way to start is through travel. Look for unique hand-crafted original works. This can look like a beautiful woven cloth or even an elaborately embroidered pillow cover.

These wallhangings can be ideal "art" for plain expansive walls that could really benefit from the added element of soft texture.

They can also be great as a backdrop in an entryway en lieu of a mirror, or as an additional sumptuous "headboard" feature in a bedroom.

Image via John Oetgen

To help inspire that ultimate collected & layered look, here are a few finds I love ranging from beautifully printed canvas scrolls to antique woven pieces.

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