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Photo via Unsplash

Since rounding up my darker themed Thanksgiving inspired post last week I have had moody and romantic flowers on my mind.

I wanted to pull together an arrangement that was just that but wouldn't take me long to 1. find the flowers and 2. to actually assemble the arrangement.

After my most recent trip to Trader Joes a few weeks ago where I grabbed a great impromptu orchid, I was reminded of their incredible flower selection where prices are literally half that of another supermarket or corner deli.

So I made another quick trip and actually found some perfect dark & moody blooms.

I absolutely loved this darker pre-assembled bouquet with this incredible pink and plum flower that had almost feather-like petals.

I have know idea what the flower is but it was gorgeous and the ready-made bouquet already perfectly styled.

To give my arrangement a little extra dimension I also grabbed packages of two different greens, one with more darker maroon tones to compliment the flower and one a very basic accent greenery to fill in the empty spaces and contrast the darker flowers.

Right before leaving, I spotted a small bouquet of calla lillies that perfectly matched.

For the vase, I used an old antique wine cooler to really carry through the romantic fall vibes. I actually love using different vessels in both material and texture as opposed to a classic glass vase.

Search your home- anything can make a great vase. From empty dark candle holders, to ice buckets you can quickly add interest just by switching it up.

After filling in the back of the arrangement with the taller stems, I trimmed down the pre-made bouquet fairly short so it would sit lower, featured in the very front of the vase.

I also trimmed down the callas even shorter and grouped them together a bit off center.

And from there I just started organically mixing in some of the other greens throughout the arrangement finally pulling out the eucalyptus stems towards the sides of the vase for balance.

To add a further element of interest and to make the store-bought flowers really look like a custom arrangement, I added in a few pheasant feathers that I always have on hand for decorating.

I added only a few feathers of varying heights and patterns strategically throughout the arrangement.

And that's that. A quick, custom looking floral arrangement ready for the Thanksgiving table or any Fall night!


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