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By Jacob Nizierski via Unsplash

About three years ago I signed up for Rent the Runway’s unlimited plan after hearing rave reviews from several different friends- all of whom looked equally fabulous in a new RTR piece every time we got together,

As someone who admittedly loses interest in clothing after several initial wears, RTR has truly been the perfect addition to my closet. I can test out trendy pieces without commitment, buy them if I love them or continuously swap them out. Since I get my fill of trends through renting via RTR, I now make actual purchases on 'investment' pieces and classic staples; namely shoes, bags, jeans, sunglasses, cashmere sweaters, coats etc.

If I do directly purchase clothing at the start of each season it is always a thoughtfully selected item that I know can be styled in at least two completely different ways and can crossover seasonally.

This skirt, from one of my most admired & coveted clothing brands- ZIMMERMANN, is my next pre-fall purchase. It can carry me through the end of summer and transition straight on into fall through Thanksgiving and definitely make an appearance again come Spring.

This is how I am planning to style it for both seasons with new & sale pieces alike from some really great up and coming brands as well tried & true favorite designers:



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