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Image via Fabrice Villard

Isn't it interesting to think about the smell of winter itself? Similar in the way its difficult to describe the sound of snow falling; it is subtle yet present. Unlike the other seasons which have decidedly specific scents, winter is a hard one to pinpoint once it is stripped down from all of the classic holiday fragrances.

I like to think that the 'scent of winter' is a combination of what remains alive in nature alongside elements or feelings that we seek to bring in. Two distinct smells I often pair together are evergreen (one of the few things very much still alive) + wood (the comforting element that immediately brings a sense of warmth).

I often layer candles lighting two different fragrances simultaneously to really create a mood and the juxtaposition of these two candles in particular, fresh Forest Fir alongside grounding Vintage is pure winter magic.

I discovered these scents from the LINNEA line of candles- a brand I was first introduced to thanks to my sister's lovely gift of Forest Fir.

LINNEA's fragrances are complex in composition yet somehow feel simplistic. The candles are beautifully designed, meticulously packaged with a small box of wooden matches and feature two-wicks for optimum burning.

The luxury home line, originally established in 2009 and more recently rebranded, pays homage to the founder's Swedish heritage:

"Our design philosophy is founded on a culture of curiosity and creating beautiful experiences. We believe luxury is sustainable, if mindful and meant for all."

They describe their fragrances as 'mementos that leave behind aromatic clues, hinting at an intriguing tale and serve as sensual triggers to stimulate the imagination - actively engaging person, memory, and experience to fill in the gaps to the story.'

Forest Fir is unlike any other pine candle I have tried. With each use, I truly feel as if I am walking along an evergreen-lined path deep in the forest. It is clean, crisp, fresh and immediately brings a sense of life to a room. The very scent of 'nature' thriving in the winter months.

Spruce | Fir Needles | Balsam

Best for: Feeling Harmonized or Enlivened

Deep snowcapped forests, a freshly chopped evergreen, and the beauty of a noble Frasier fir illuminated with peaceful lights

Since Forest Fir is seasonal, its sadly sold out almost everywhere but I think I found a few options still with stock linked below.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Vintage is the comforting wooden scent which to me represents 'seeking' in the winter season: warmth, comfort, grounding. It smells like a mixture of a classic old-fashioned barber shop, rich wood and an antique store full of treasures. All of this while remaining surprisingly light.

Heliotrope | Vetiver | Mahogany Wood

Best for: Feeling Enhanced

A gentleman’s wardrobe, collected art and antiquities, a well-worn club chair

I love to light it in the evening when all that's left to do is pour a glass of wine and get lost deep in a book.

So, here is to the very scent of winter itself. To bringing in 'life'. To seeking 'comfort'. To finding those moments of magic throughout the season.

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