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Photo by Ole Witt

As the days gradually shorten and air turns crisp, I like to mark the transition from day into night by lighting a candle. Not only does it signal the end of the work day and set the stage for a peaceful evening; I also seek out the warmth and glow of candlelight as autumn approaches.

This month, I simply cannot get enough of the Ile Saint-Louis candle from Parisian house Kerzon.

Ever-so slightly masculine given the woody vetiver base, to me, the scent evokes the mood of a "September in Paris".

Sitting at a corner café with a warm baguette, latte & newspaper. Catching a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower through the leaves that have just started to change. People watching the fashionable wardrobes transition from summer to fall; the fragrance truly imagines all things French.

Ironically, I actually discovered the candle collection back in the Spring while working on a design project in Bellport, Long Island. On the way to jobsite meetings we would stop at a fabulous coffee shop/general store, Bellport General, to stock up on supplies and caffeine. I was immediately drawn to the candles with their beautiful packaging (featured here in the September color story) and completely unique and complex fragrance profiles

After obsessively smelling each for several weeks, Ile Saint-Louis was the winner and I patiently waited for September to begin burning it.

As perfectly described by the fragrance maker: “When the day’s first sun beams heat on the stone mansions on the banks of the Seine. The Ile Saint-Louis scent reveals a mineral and woody fragrance with an aquatic head and patchouli heart, on a woody vetiver background.”

The Kerzon brand, the creative brainchild of brothers Etienne and Pierre-Alexis, was inspired by the scents of their family home, passion for craftsmanship, and memories of travel. Both passionate for beautiful things, places of sincere attachment, and authentic memories; they were bound by a desire to create simple, authentic, sustainable products to embellish the home.

“We always imagine scents based around a theme, to a certain extent. In the beginning the collections were really centered around the Maison Kerzon, its history and our memories. These days, our collections journey outwards and are more extensive. There is generally an image or source material which serves as the starting point for a scent or a collection. Then, by working on it, the magic happens and the scent takes shape. We work by instinct; it’s rare that a scent has more than two versions before the final note.”

The candles are ‘crafted beneath the sunshine of Southern France with patience and passion, our fragranced candles are made with natural biodegradable wax, a braided pure-cotton wick, and a subtle perfume composed with a variety of quality raw materials.’

While personally I have tried only the candle collection, the Kerzon brand is extensive and features products ranging from household to beauty.

The shop featuring all of the collections alongside limited editions is located in Marais- the historic district considered to be the soul of Paris.


68 Rue de Turenne

Paris, 3rd Arrondissement

Bookmarked for a future September in Paris!


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