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Midnight Blue, a dark shade of blue named for its resemblance to the color of a moon-lit sky around midnight is one of my favorite November colors to incorporate in both wardrobe and design.

Similar to navy blue but darker in tone due to more underlying "black pigment" it is considered to be the "deepest" shade of blue.

The term 'midnight blue' was first used in 1915 and later became an official Crayola named color, however the color itself is historically classic and timeless long serving as a great alternative to black.

Though contrary to popular opinion, I personally find black in general to be too severe. Whether it is in interiors, accessories or fashion I always love the concept of black but instead often choose a very deep midnight which has an undeniable richness and complexity while remaining slightly subtle.

It can also be much less restricting than black in terms of complimentary color pairings.

Midnight Blue is one of my favorites this time of year because it is so dark and deep that it reads almost as a neutral making it the perfect backdrop for so many fun color palettes.

I especially love to use it as a counter balance to rose gold, cream & bronze (the color inspiration behind November’s Moodboard found here) but it looks equally as great with a winter palette like cranberry, evergreen and gold or a fun brightened up combination of orange and fuchsia.

It was actually in the 1920’s that England’s Duke of Windsor popularized Midnight Blue as the official color for the royals’ suits and tuxedos.

He felt that it allowed photographs to capture the subtle bespoke tailoring details as opposed to that of a flat black.

Fitting given that the color projects sophistication and elegance and in color psychology signifies confidence, intelligence and authority. a little sophistication and elegance to everyone on your holiday list this year!

Here are our Midnight Blue top gift picks for those that have been extra good:

Gift the Board:

For the lounger

For the newlyweds

For the career girl

For the game lover

For the home decorator

For the classic gentleman

For the renovate-r

For the jet-setter

For the luxury lover

For the beauty guru

For the entertainer

For the apartment renter


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