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Photo via Media Wix

Dark Green has really been on my mind since December's moodboard and lately I have been flagging and saving richly painted green rooms.

Green paint is really making a comeback and I’m loving the resurgence of deeper tones in home studies and powder rooms and slightly lighter versions on kitchen cabinets or on bathroom vanities.

While many people say that color is the main reason for ultimately purchasing an item, the colors we surround ourselves with on a daily basis really affect the way we actually feel. As mentioned in December's Color Story, green has long been associated with new life, beginnings, renewal and also with stability and peace.

Definitely feelings we want more of in our homes as life remains a bit unpredictable!

Dark greens can create a moodier vibe when used alone, so it’s important to strike the perfect balance between color and décor for a room to feel cohesive. I like to introduce neutral, textured and natural elements like marble, woods and brass to contrast the richness of the green.

It can be tricky to find the right tone that doesn't read like the classic "crayola" color. So I like to use versions both lighter and darker that incorporate some blue and gray and black to add both depth and dimension. These are my eight favorite fool-proof paint colors that always deliver.

Image via Sherwin-Williams
Dard Hunter Green Sherwin Williams SW0041

Taking color cues from nature, this botanical shade of green invites the richness of the outdoors in. Inspired by gardens, greenhouses and conservatories this a fresh color choice for both cabinetry and walls alike.

It pairs beautifully with natural clean woods and works well in brightly lit spaces.

Design by Emily Henderson
Pewter Green Sherwin Williams SW6208

Pewter Green is an almost gray, almost blue, sophisticated shade of green. It is a popular kitchen cabinet paint choice because it is so easy to incorporate into any kitchen. It reads almost like a softened charcoal gray color.

It is subtle and pairs beautifully with crisp white marble countertops, blonde woods, and silvers.

Design by Angela Rose Home & Craven Haven
Essex Green Benjamin Moore HC-188

If you are looking for a concentrated royal green color- this is the one. This deep green is inspired by classic Americana, taking cues from the lush vines of the "Ivy Leagues". The forest green color makes a big impact on walls bringing a sense of depth to each space.

It is magic when paired with bright brass or matte black metals.

Image via Farrow & Ball
Green Smoke Farrow and Ball

Green Smoke, true to its name, is a smoky green blue- a color actually popular in interiors during the late19th century. According to Farrow and Ball, it has an 'irresistibly inviting deepness and weathered familiarity when used in exterior situations, while evoking calm and serenity when used inside.'

Not only does it work nicely with neutrals, it really comes to life when accented with any color in the blue family- from light aquamarine to royal blue.

Design by The Fox Group
Salamander Benjamin Moore 2050-10

My favorite dark green- this Benjamin Moore hit shade is part of the Color Preview Collection. A saturated deep grayish/blueish forest green that brings spaces to life while striking a balance between contemporary and classic.

I especially love it for a home study or a family room. It pairs beautifully with camel, navy, and bleached oak wood.

Design by Lindsey Black Interiors
Tarrytown Green Benjamin Moore HC-134

This color is part of the Benjamin Moore Historic Color collection: 'steeped in tradition, the refined, elegant colors of the Historical Collection deliver timeless color that can be used in traditional as well as contemporary spaces.' This is a fresh happy shade that gives life to a space while simultaneously remaining restrained.

Another popular kitchen choice, I love it paired with creamier whites & ivories, taupes and rose golds.

Image via Farrow and Ball
Studio Green Farrow and Ball

The darkest green in the Farrow and Ball collection, it is also the color painted on the original studio at F&B where many of the very first paint colors were created. "When brushed onto exterior surfaces, the rich pigments respond extraordinarily to all types of light and magically appear much greener than on our color card. Within the home, this deep hue appears almost black unless in very well lit rooms."

This is a great choice for a butler's pantry or powder room when you are looking to make an impact. I pair it with black marble and pale rose tones.

Design by Leclair Decor
Black Forest Green Benjamin Moore

Also a part of the Historic Color collection, this very blackened shade of green 'has weight and warmth, permeating any space with a sense of reassurance.' Black Forest is a dark, cool, phantom black with a soot like undertone.

It is also a perfect paint color for exterior work like a front door. Pair it with rich red or clean whites for a crisp timeless look.


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