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I always have a strong urge to rush into all things Spring once the calendar hits March1st. I pull out warmer weather clothes despite the temperature, fill my rooms with fresh blooms and generally try to lighten up everything from food to decor.

A great color to utilize during this transitional time is Powder Blue. The pale blue tone actually originated in the1650s; the term 'powder' referring to finely crushed cobalt glass that was used in laundering and dyeing applications.

The chalk-like hue is a more subdued take on 'baby blue' and it works perfectly for March. Its lightness indicates a shift in season and the longer days & easier breezier aesthetic to come.

Powder blue is easy to incorporate in both clothing and decor as it reads as a neutral and pairs perfectly with those winter whites and deep bronzes; staples of our winter palette. Find more of the color combo inspiration here on March's Moodboard

In color theory, blue itself is representative of loyalty, trust, wisdom, confidence, stability, and intelligence. Light blues in particular, represent both the sky and water and are often associated with inspiration, space, freedom, intuition & imagination

In interiors, powder blue has become a popular choice as it provides a soft backdrop for transitional decorating. Since it is such a clean color, it works well with neutral palettes and is a great option when a "pop of color" is simply too much.

Also consider using it as an alternative to grey; especially in paint or wallpaper. A pale cool-toned blue gives an instant soft update to any space.

One of my favorite powder blue applications is as a ceiling accent, given we naturally respond to blue ceilings for they mimic the sky. By reducing the paint saturation to a barely detectable hint of blue, it adds an element of sophistication. This is also a classic decorating trick used in rooms with low ceilings to visually raise the height and create an expansive effect.

'If you're looking for a colour to use with powder blue, then a fresh white will never go out of style,' says Abby Hesketh, paint specialist at U.K. paint company Graham & Brown. 'Add in muted blush tones for a soft touch or peach for some vibrancy. If you prefer a cooler tone, sage green is another perfect accompaniment.

The pairings and combinations of powder blue are really endless. The only thing to keep in mind when selecting a tone is to always go more grey than you think to avoid it looking too baby blue. Even the palest of blues can look shockingly neon-like once in a room. The best pale blues have a dose of black pigment to temper the intensity.

Here are my powder blue picks to welcome in the month of March:

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With wedding season approaching, this would make for a gorgeous bridesmaid dress

The prettiest powder spring tote that only appears to be pricey

This delicate dimpled glass pendant would be an amazing accent in an all white kitchen

A ready-made pale blue pillow cover in the classic Clarence House Tibet print

Mignonne Gavigan's whimsical jewelry is always a favorite and these floral topped earrings are fun for March

Instantly lighten up your tablescape with these batik printed napkins piped in the perfect powder blue scallop trim

Trade out those heavy winter blankets for the softest baby alpaca throw hand-made in Peru

This timeless sofa shape is given an update with pale blue linen and epitomizes effortless elegance

A stylish addition for the spring coffee table book stack


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