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Photo via Ricarda Souvarean

I don't know about you, but Christmas felt as if it came very early this year and no sooner did I blink and it was over.

I didn't snap as many pictures as I'd hoped, but here is a very abbreviated post-holiday Life Lately:

We kicked off the festive season shopping for bridal gowns for my middle sister Alex's upcoming August wedding. So many gorgeous options- and yes, she did say yes to the dress.

Post-dress shopping led to tree-chopping, putting everyone in the Christmas spirit.

Did a little local holiday shopping at the the cute festive stores in Sewickley.

Returned to the city and did a mini Christmas decor update by adding red velvet ribbon to some existing decorations.

Meanwhile Upstate, the outdoors was transformed into a winter wonderland by replacing the planters with small evergreens and wrapping the trunks of the trees in both the front and back yard with lights. Photos just did not do it justice- it was truly magical at night.

We went all out with a red & gold theme and incorporated different styles of red holly berries- wrapping the staircases, garland along the mantle and different swags and sprigs as accents throughout.

Fast forward to Christmas Eve back in Pittsburgh downtown in the Strip District where the day kicked off with a classic diner breakfast at DeLuca's.

And it just wouldn't be Christmas without homemade wine in the back of the local cheese store at 9:00am.

The sign doesn't lie!

Meanwhile, my grandmother taking her cookie arranging position very seriously.

All is Merry & Bright.

And that's an abbreviated wrap on a fast and furious Christmas 2021.

I hope your holiday was full of happiness & cheer and that you loved your presents just as much as Quincy did his new sweater.

Cheers to 2022!


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