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Image via Unsplash

Well, summer got in the way and June's Color Story is coming to you in July, but better late than never!

I have always associated June with the end of school and the start of pool and ice cream season- Mint Chocolate Chip specifically. Much like the ice cream flavor, the color 'mint green' itself has a cheerful energy, a sense of freshness & fun.

Named after the plant, it is a crisp light pastel green. Said to foster creativity, the icy-cool shade is surprisingly versatile and one of my favorite colors to use in the summer months.

Mint green is actually a combination of blue, green and white on the color chart. More subtle than a teal and warmer than sage, mint green is a peppy, happy, pastel shade.

Historically, the first recorded use of 'mint' as a color name was at the beginning of the Art Deco era in the 1920's. The black and mint color combo was one of the most popular combinations of the period used to create striking contrast most often in bathrooms and kitchens.

In the 1950's, mint green became popular again with the "pastel renaissance" showing up on everything from kitchen appliances to cars. After taking some time off, we saw a resurgence again in the 90's as the light and feminine shabby-chic design trend took hold.

In color psychology, lighter shades of green like mint signify creativity, expansiveness and wellness. Interestingly enough, studies have shown that the human eye is able to differentiate more shades of green than any other color and people are actually more likely to recall positive words that are written in green.

Photo via Felix Forest, designed by Arent & Pyke

In design, mint green is frequently used to liven up interior spaces. It is very versatile as it offers a hint of color without delivering a big impact. Pairing mint is also surprisingly easy as it works equally well with other light colors or against more saturated hues. Combine it with gold & silver accents and luxurious upholstered furniture for a glam look. Offset it with chocolate brown and a hint of pale pink for a rich yet fun feel. Or pair it against royal blue (see June's Moodboard) for an unexpected yet elegant effect.

Designed by Corey Damen Jenkins

Photo via Haris Kenjar, designed by Heidi Caillier Design

In recent years, pale mint green has become a popular choice for kitchen cabinets. It delivers a subtle color splash and really elevates white countertops and backsplashes. Accentuated with modern brass faucets and hardware, the whole look feels fresh while remaining warm and approachable.

Photo via Francesco Lagnese, Designed by Thomas Jayne & William Cullum

This is the perfect time of year for a dose of minty coolness in everything from tabletop items, to linen dresses, to tropical inspired wallpaper.

Here are my favorite mint green summer go-to's:


A light summer dress in the coolest shade

'Great Escapes'- truly the perfect June coffee table book

Jute cosmetic bags- a warm weather travel must have

Keep water cold and chic in this icy mint carafe

These over-sized trays are great for serving and displaying

An oil portrait painting made for a beach house

A pitcher that is almost too pretty to use

This classic palm print wallpaper never tires

A mint ceramic Art Deco lamp I've had my eye on

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