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Photo via Ruffled Wedding

I don’t know if it is the time change and the darkness setting in at 4:30, but lately I have been drawn to all things dark, romantic & moody.

A mix of blacks offset by rich scarlets, canary yellows and lots of brass, wood and patina accents.

I love the juxtaposition of shiny metal against a rough-grained wooden table, luxurious bold colored velvets upholstered on an antique chair frame and a table full of tall tapered candles providing an old-world touch to a modern dinner party.

I am not hosting Thanksgiving this year but if I was I would definitely be channelling all of these moody yet cozy vibes where candles provide the only source of ambient light and the food and flowers become the star of the show.

For the table setting and design it is always about the push and pull. I would pair a new set of modern sleek satin brass cutlery with individual antique crystal salt cellars from my grandmother's collection.

Similarly, I think a beautifully crafted, modern, organically assembled floral arrangement in the center of the table is most impactful in a ceramic hand-made vase or rustic antique vessel.

While I love a good pumpkin and gourd situation, sometimes I like to use holiday decorating as an opportunity to push the envelope. To challenge myself to stay true to the season but to think slightly out of the box when it comes to colors, table ware, centerpieces and materials.

I find that seasonal inspiration easily comes from everywhere- the music you find yourself listening to on repeat (currently for me its Parisian Jazz on Spotify, hence all of these candle-lit brasserie vibes), the latest seasonal clothing catalogs, a restaurant menu special, the design of a new neighborhood bar, a museum exhibit, the latest Netflix series or a even a classic old book.

Even if you are not hosting your own Thanksgiving dinner or even if you don't entertain, embrace the magic and romance of the season and seek out the inspiration that always surrounds.

Get the Look

Contemplating painting an "off-black" dining room

The loveliest textured tapered candles perfect for a moody tablescape

Place the black candlesticks in these brass candle holders for extra wow factor

Love a dress to match the occasion and this one will take you straight through winter

Custom tailored floral arrangements to suit every color palette

Hand-made ceramic vases and vessels to house the gorgeous flowers

Antique salt cellars to add an old-world touch to a modern table

A chunky wood table rich in texture and simple in form

Wallpaper that is perfectly over the top

A romantic chandelier to set the tone

This still life print would be so cool in a lacquered black frame

Antique canary yellow velvet chairs in perfect condition

Stoneware dinner plates in an antiqued gold finish to suit the season

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