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New bedding is an effective way to instantly elevate with minimal effort. I am always drawn to crisp white duvet covers and sheets that have some version of a lined border. I tend to stick with a neutral gray, black or navy but this is also a great opportunity to add in an accent color without visually cluttering your space.

Classic yet current, this style of bedding instantly gives off chic hotel-like vibes. Calm, soothing and minimal in design it is the perfect touch to a sophisticated sanctuary.

Here are some of my tried & true go-to’s:

Serena & Lily Border Frame Duvet Collection

The Border Frame Collection from Serena & Lily is my all-time favorite. The wider border delivers a modern edge and packs in a bit more of a designed feel.

William Sonoma Chambers Italian Border Collection

Chambers Italian Border Collection

William Sonoma has a variety of accessible bedding options but their classic Chambers Italian Border Collection never disappoints. I love the textural interest from the Sateen border.

Matouk Ansonia Collection

Matouk has countless versions but the Ansonia is a lovely look. Understated but elegant is has a softer feminine appeal while remaining simple in design.


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