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Dusty Rose is the soft grayish-red hue that is a combination of both pink and violet on the color wheel. As the color associated with romance, love and happiness its the perfect February pick and my favorite Valentine’s Day alternative to bright red and hot pink. (More inspiration on February's moodboard)

It is one of my go-to's for clothing and I have recently started adding it more in home decor. Subtle but statement making, its a chic choice that reads current though it is truly a classic.

As the name dusty implies, this rose shade is elegant and timeless; classically considered a symbol of nostalgia and romance.

Over the last decade it has become increasingly popular in both fashion and design. Because of its muted shade, some consider its rise a direct result of the 2008 recession while others believe the shift towards 'minimalism' in design (namely technology) boosted its popularity.

In color psychology, all shades of pink are historically linked to femininity and tranquility. They are perceived to be emotionally positive and associated with kindness, care & gentleness.

For many people, pink gives off happy and creative vibes while reflecting compassion and acceptance.

Dusty Rose is a pink that has been described as "subdued by experience", or "pink without the vibrancy".

It is one of those restrained hues that somehow remains incredibly rich. Not surprisingly making it one of the most popular color choices for weddings and parties.

In general, the rose shade pairs well with all members of the green, brown, brass, black family and I think it looks particularly gorgeous contrasted against deep walnut and warm brass.

But it is so versatile that it is equally great in a monochromatic palette of nude, cream, champagne, silver grey and blush.

Given its neutral tone, it is popular in interior design because it is regarded as stunning on its own while also able to blend in with a wide range of colors.

I like to use it sparingly in an accent fabric or decorative accessory for a simple yet sophisticated effect but I do think there is something intriguing and unexpected when used as the focal color. Definitely a trend we are starting to see more of in the design world.

If you are not ready to fully commit, add in a few pretty pops with these rose inspired February finds.

After all, love is in the details:

Shop the Board

This table lamp reads as a neutral delivering a subtle yet chic statement

Wishlist item- this beautifully detailed original terracotta clay sculpture

My favorite printed silk pillow, very appropriately named "Lovebirds"

Slippers that are actually sophisticated

I love hand-made Mexican glassware and these are a fresh color update on a traditional shape

Named Cinder Rose, this paint from Farrow & Ball is a dusky pink with hardly any yellow pigment resulting in a soft romantic hue

This hand-knotted rose runner is as much a work of art as it is a rug

This shell framed piece titled 'Born on the Beach' is a great textured wall accent

Anything Byredo smells incredible and this rose scented hand-wash is a perfect Valentine's Day gift


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