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Image via Mariam Antadze

When I think of summer colors, peach is always top of mind. The shade named for the delicious seasonal fruit is one of those universally flattering tones because of its unique mixture of orange, yellow, pink and white.

Desert Peach is a soft and subtle variation named after the Western native desert shrub flower. It is that dusty, lighter, slightly pinkish shade that evokes images of vast desert sunsets. It can be used to reflect a serene yet upbeat vibe making it a perfect color choice for hot weather.

Giving off an almost ethereal effect, Desert Peach is a restrained take on the classic peach. Considered to be a feminine color, it is a friendly yet slightly more romantic shade. Promoting feelings of sweetness and calmness, it is used to help shield feelings of anger or depression.

Peach in general is well-known for being an excellent color for communication. It is an encouraging and inspirational tone. In color psychology, it walks the line between being lively and grounded. It is fun and energetic but also promotes peacefulness.

The shade variations of peach are associated with modesty, innocence, and thoughtfulness.

Derived from the fruit that has been around for centuries, records indicate the first documentation of the color name goes all the back to 1588- as 'peche', the Middle French word which came from the Latin root word 'persica' (from Persia).

Historically, a ripe peach symbolized fertility, good health, and immortality. In Chinese art peaches were often depicted to represent immortality. According to classic Chinese legend, The Tree of Immortality blooms every 3000 years and whomever finds the tree and eats the fruit (peach) becomes immortal.

The Flemish artist, Jan Van Eyck, used peaches to represent female fertility in his 1434 painting titled The Arnolfini Portrait. Peach, both symbolically and as a preferred color choice, was popular amongst the great artists and remained a prominent focus in portraits, landscapes, and abstract art.

The color soared to popularity in the 1920s as the Jazz Age ushered in an era of gilded glam. From nightclubs, to dance halls and luxury hotels, peach tones dominated the color scheme along with plenty of diamonds, gold and pearls. Peach-tinted mirrors were all the rage along with tile combinations of peach, black and white.

The 1980's saw a peach resurgence where by peach and green rooms ruled accented with floral prints and rattan furniture.

Over recent years, there has been a considerable shift back to a 'calming warmth' palette and Desert Peach is making a subtle appearance in both home and fashion. It is a great shade since it acts like a neutral while still delivering a sense of color. When paired alongside other true neutrals like ivory and sand and gold (take a look at the Summer Moodboard) it quietly sings.

Because Desert Peach is that elusive combination of tones, it works incredibly well in interior design. The expansive shade range allows for endless color pairings while the subtle warmth makes it a popular choice for a variety of rooms.

Especially if you want just a touch of feminine, Desert Peach is a slightly more 'mature' option to pink.

To evoke a serene environment, painting out an entire room in the shade creates a cozy jewel-box like effect. To ground the peach, you can create a warm aesthetic by bringing in rich wooden furniture, dark walnut floors, and offsetting it all with lighter carpets and lighter luxurious upholstered pieces like a sofa or bench.

Since soft colors with earthy undertones make a room feel peaceful, bedrooms and nurseries are seeing more and more golden Desert Peach palettes. The calm approach to color helps bring a sense of security and stability.

With its simultaneous soothing yet energizing vibes, the shade is also popping up as a popular pick for entryways including front doors. Charming and welcoming, it establishes an inviting entrance to the home.

In a more contemporary take, it works beautifully when paired with slick metallic elements, crisp white and black, and bold saturated colors for a dynamic look.

The hue is also being used more frequently in restaurants and bars because it encourages conversation and helps put people at ease.

Whether you decide to go for it and accent a room with upholstered pieces, carpets, and art or just strategically add a few pops into your wardrobe, the shade really brings out the best of summer.

From an antique French botanical engraving I am eyeing to frame for my kitchen, to the lightest feathered earrings from South Carolina, here are some of my favorite Desert Peach picks:

Shop the Board

The easiest, breeziest, light weight summer dress

All of their feathers are hand-selected and no two pairs of earrings are alike

This 18th Century French botanical engraving would be pop in a thick brass frame

I like all of her original acrylic collages and this one, appropriately titled "Peach Party" is a great piece for summer

Add a monogram to this woven shell clutch for the perfect present

A casual cotton weave pillow dressed up with a contrasting border

This LED portable rechargeable lamp is my favorite for outdoor entertaining and this color is extra fun

Their Hollyhock dessert plates are fun summer addition

A vintage Persian distressed hand-knotted rug would be a wonderful entry-way welcome

Woven from sisal, their geometric printed baskets are statement pieces

This 19th Century antique French carved chair is a steal, upholstered in the prettiest peach velvet

A wallpaper to add in a bit of fun

This festive sandal is on sale ready for the summer ahead


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