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And just like that, it is 2022. We made it through the first week of January. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and took time to unplug & relax. I know I certainly did- hence this December Color Story coming to you in January! But I think we all needed to take a collective breath (actually it seems we still do) but here is to a promising New Year ahead.

It may seem a rather obvious choice but my color pick for December was Black Forest Green, a favorite Benjamin Moore Paint Color HC-187. This deep almost blackened shade of green considered by Benjamin Moore to be a dark green that is “weighted with warmth” truly represents the overall mood of December with of course a nod to the holidays.

A decidedly winter feel, it represents evergreens, forests, pines and all of the green hued plants that give color to the otherwise drab winter landscape.

In color psychology, green itself is an emotionally positive color. The signifier of nature and money it is a calming color that is very pleasing to the senses.

As an "earth" tone it can represent new beginnings and growth, as well as renewal and abundance- a nice way to bookmark the end of a calendar year.

Dark greens in particular are associated with terms like wealth, masculinity and conservatism. It is also the color associated with good luck and fertility and is considered to be the traditional color of harmony, support, peace and well-balanced energy.

Interestingly enough, Black Forest Green, the darkest hue of green just several shades lighter than black was actually notable back in the Middle Ages as the color to distinguish wealth amongst the working class as it was the color worn by bankers or merchants, which contrasted deeply (and paired well) against the nobility who were the only class permitted to wear red.

In design and decorating, green is a grounding color and can have a balancing and harmonizing effect.

Brighter greens are more energizing and vibrant, while olive greens are more representative of the natural world.

Dark greens are the most stable and representative of affluence and classicism. They pair well with many color combinations- some of my favorite pairings are dark green with camel and brass, dark green contrasted against winter white or the classic holiday coupling of dark green and cranberry.

For some more inspiration take a look at December's moodboard here.

There are many easy ways to incorporate dark green into your home whether it be through fabrics like throw pillows or blankets, accessories like vases or candles or even one or two pieces of upholstered accent furniture like a stool or bench.

My favorite and one of the most effective ways is through the power of paint. Simply painting a room in its entirety in a deep green creates a rich, calming cocoon-like effect. Wrapping the entire room in the same color from the walls up onto the ceiling and to the doors & trim work instantly lends a contemporary feel while maintaining a classic sensibility. For this type of application, I always use a flat-finish or matte-finish paint for an updated modern feel.

This gorgeous study from The Fox Group illustrates exactly this. Rich yet fresh, contemporary yet classic. For this room they used another one of my favorite dark forest green colors from Benjamin Moore: Salamander 2050-10. It is the perfect shade when you don't want to fully commit to the deeper blacker version.

Black Forest Green is definitely having its moment in the design world- both in furniture and fashion. Here are some great pieces & inspiration to incorporate a bit into the home and wardrobe:

Shop the Board:

A 'relaxed modern' modular sofa

Velvet plus a bow equals the perfect winter heel

Would love to bake in the forest inspired oven

A bold choice, but such a pretty shade of nail polish

A fun and whimsical wallpaper perfect for a small space

Matcha tea to get through the cold winter days

A marble cocktail table that would look great between two arm chairs

The perfect puffer coat

Nesting tables that can work in any room

A jewel toned chandelier sure to update any dining area


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