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Here we are at the tail-end of August, squeezing out every last drop of summer. At this point in the month, I make every effort to extend the season for as long as possible. This August, I have really been gravitating towards all things Canary Yellow. Definitely a bold choice, but actually perfect for extending the summer by bringing energy and warmth to any space or look.

Canary Yellow is a mid-tone glowing yellow. Depending upon who you ask, it can range from a bright lemon to rich saffron.

Historically, rich yellows was amongst the first pigments used by humans, found in cave paintings dating over 17,000 years old. In many early religions, yellow was a sacred color as beliefs were centered around sun worshipping and because like gold, yellow was seen as eternal.

The Ancient Egyptians believed the gods had gold skin and depicted this in the yellow found in their art. Yellow also was and still is an important color in Buddhism, signifying humility.

Bright yellow like Canary, is considered to be an optimistic color because it’s associated with warmth and summertime. It signifies energy, sunshine, spontaneity and often indicates celebration or special events.

However, on the contrary, in color psychology yellow is also a destabilizing color as it can promote actions of over thinking. Depending on its saturation level and tone, it can create a sense of tension. When paired with black, it looks like a bee's coloring, bringing about feelings of cautiousness. Too much yellow can also be intense and overwhelming.

Yellow is frequently used by brands to promote action like swaying customers to make a purchase. Because of its association to warmth and joy, it is often used (sparingly) on websites to leave users with a positive feeling.

In fashion, Canary has been creeping up on the runway more and more. It looks incredible when worn with other bright colors, but it is easier to style and less intimidating when combined with a neutral palette like white, tan, or navy.

In interior design, Canary Yellow can be a great choice to open up enclosed spaces or brighten up dark areas that do not get natural sunlight due to lack of windows; therefore making it a great choice when decorating spaces like powder rooms, walk-in closets, or a home study.

When it comes to paint, Canary Yellow can be tricky. Because it is such a stimulating color, it's important to select just the right tone. In spaces like a bedroom that may be more dimly lit, look towards the less saturated end of the spectrum. Buttery tones can work beautifully, giving off almost a luminous effect. They pair perfectly with light grays and violets for a soft look or alternatively alongside rich creams, terracotta and coral for a warm cozy effect.

Save the more saturated versions of Canary for less used rooms and be sure to offset the bold choice with grounding neutrals like tobacco colored furniture to lend sophistication and elegance. To keep things looking fresh and collected, layer in light creams and crisp grays for modern contrast.

Often times, the warmer the shade of Canary, the more adaptable it becomes. Brighter pairings like navy and emerald and pink look fantastic for those who are more fearless. Since I prefer my interiors a bit more subdued, I tend to stick to these colorful combos in wardrobe as opposed to home (think a hot pink sandal with a Canary dress).

This month, I have been pairing my Canary choices with creamy white (think Canary blouse and white linen pants) and both lighter and darker indigos (think Canary and Indigo outdoor throw pillows). Find more inspiration on the August Moodboard.

As signs of Fall start to creep in, I will keep turning towards this glowing yellow to bring in all of the remaining sunshine. From a few decorative home accents to table linens and even an area rug, here are my favorite Canary color picks:

Shop the Board

This dress is on major sale right now and in my cart for those last late summer soirees

There is something so perfect about a crisp block bordered tablecloth

I rarely come across rugs with these colors- such a pretty option for a whitewashed room

Chargers to add a pretty pop of sunshine to your table

A fun pedestal that would be a great beach house fruit bowl

This print delivers a colorful punch

A cookbook as beautiful on the outside as the pastries are on the inside

Colorful Canary playing cards for cocktail hour fun

The prettiest printed linen napkins by my favorite brand

An embroidered throw pillow that walks the perfect line between casual and chic


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