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Photo via Nati Melnychuk

Since April notoriously hosts those 'showers that bring May flowers', I tend to seek out upbeat tones to help combat the dreary days. A color I turn towards for an energetic lift when it is still too early for bright summer hues is "melon".

Inspired by the color of the cantaloupe melon, it is far softer and more sophisticated than classic orange. Melon is a muted tone making it very versatile, seasonally appropriate and easy to incorporate in both home and wardrobe.

Melon is not a new color but rather an evolution of two popular chromatic trends of recent years: pastels and terracotta.

A soft undertone of bright orange, lighter shades of red & pink and honey yellow; it is a true cross between pastel and earthy tones.

Thanks to a perpetual warm and sunny feel, melon promotes a general sense of wellness and positive emotional energy traits such as compassion and passion.

Similar to orange, melon is representative of vitality. It instills a sense of energy and self-confidence while also stimulating the imagination and inspiring creativity.

In color theory, it is considered to be an active color increasing the sense of competition and the courage to assume risks.

Since melon is a lively hue, it really doesn't need other colors to be enhanced. Therefore I like to offset the warm shade with cooler neutrals like bright whites and crisp grays. This combination works well both in both decorating and fashion. Melon upholstered furniture appears fresh and peppy in a light gray painted room offset with white trim while similarly, a melon colored blouse really pops against cool white jeans.

On the contrary, I also like to pair it with shades of light green like mint or sage. Since the combination literally mimics the fruit itself, the pairing is a really nice match and the effect is definitely brighter and more spring-like.

For more melon inspired inspiration, take a look here at April's moodboard.

In decorating, melon is a surprisingly subtle and easy to use color. Because of its soft undertone, it pairs beautifully with richer accents like brass, walnut wood and natural heavily woven textures like seagrass rugs.

It works as the feature of a room, like the melon painted living room in the image above, or just as an accent piece like art or even bedding.

With the start of the spring season, now is a perfect time to incorporate a bit of this elegant yet energetic color.

Whether for outdoor entertaining, new home accessories or a bright and bold shoe, melon is here to inspire:

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