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Image via AD

Even though it has been raining for the past few days here in New York, the clouds have parted, the sun is shining and Spring flowers finally bloomed.

Outdoor season is just about upon us. Since, like everything else these days, getting pieces delivered in a decent time-frame is next to impossible; here is round-up of some new easily accessible outdoor pieces that are actually available. At least so at the time of this post!

Image via Pinterest

Like with indoor rooms, I tend to look for outdoor pieces that mix-and-match well together striking the balance between classic and modern. It's helpful to think of outdoor spaces like any other room and focus on layering in different textures, materials and various fabrics to give dimension and depth.

Image via Etsy

In order to keep the furniture itself from looking too uniform I find combining different styles in the same palette and theme from various sources leads to an effortless but elevated look.

Image via Bellevivir

This season I have been gravitating (as always) to a neutral linen colored palette but accenting it with black details and little hints of light blue. In terms of texture, wovens remain as popular as ever and there are so many nice subtle options to incorporate to get the look.

Image via Camille Styles

From the chicest striped umbrella to a chaise perfect for poolside lounging and the prettiest pale blue side table, here are my favorite new & now outdoor pieces:


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