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Just like cabinet hardware, pendants are the 'jewels' of the kitchen. Not only integral to everyday tasks, they showcase style and set the tone for the most important space in the home. A cross between task and ambient lighting, they are a simple way to really create a maximum impact.

Beautifully designed pendants are more popular than ever, serving as a prominent aesthetic statement. Trends are veering towards the combination of interesting materials to create unique designs. What's old is new again and ancient wovens like rattan and bamboo are being re-imagined in over sized shapes and sustainable versions. Designers are also getting creative with hard materials like alabaster, resin, ceramics and hammered metals to bring texture and depth.

Installing pendants is one of the most effective ways to elevate the kitchen without undergoing a renovation. It is also a great way to immediately add character and customize a new build home.

Well-placed pendants are key to properly lighting the kitchen work area while also providing the "illusion" of space.

I love using pendants for targeted illumination during cooking prep and later in the evening for a slight glow once all other lights are turned off.

While some like to mix in various pendants by using smaller scale versions dropped over a sink or task area, I prefer a cleaner look and gravitate towards over-scale fixtures just above the island.

The best way to determine the type of illumination needed is to consider other existing lighting sources and let the pendants just fill in the gaps.

Pendants should typically hang around 30” above the countertop, though it really depends on the island size and type of pendant. Classically, three create a balanced proportion & distribution of light but I prefer two substantial fixtures for a fresher feel.

Like any lighting, it goes without saying to make sure they are on a dimmer. Nothing is better than full-blast concentrated light for prep and diffused ambient light once the work is done.

No matter the style, these days it is all about luxurious materials and refined design details. Elements like leather trim coupled with satin brass metalwork or matte stone paired with a shiny metal rod brings interest and balance and continues to elevate the otherwise utilitarian fixture.

From the most beautiful alabaster globe, to an oversized matte black and brass cone, to the prettiest green shade with a chainlink rod, all of these fixtures are sure to put a spotlight on the kitchen:

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one. Lucia Double Pendant

two. Gladison Pendant

three. Fishing Basket Pendant

four. Brass Accent Woven Pendant

five. Brass and Glass Pendant

six. Alabaster Round Pendant

seven. Black Cone Shade Pendant

eight. Horse-bit Shade Pendant

nine. Green Shade Chainlink Pendant

ten. Palma Pendant

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