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One of the most important elements in decorating & styling is featuring original art. You would be surprised over the years how many extremely expensive homes I have designed for clients that had not even one piece of original art.

I have always been drawn to art in its different mediums. My parents loved picking up paintings or watercolors from local artists whenever we visited somewhere and more often than not the pieces were truly insignificant in cost. Their home housed everything from my Dad’s original architectural school building sketches to brightly colored oil paintings they acquired during their Peace Corps years in the Virgin Islands, to pastel works & sculptures made by design colleagues. When I moved to New York for college I decorated my dorm room not with stylish poster prints or framed quotes, but with pieces I “borrowed” from home. Not long after I spent weekends in Soho sifting through paintings from artists who set up shop on the street. Seeking out affordable yet unique treasures. As I got older, my Christmas present request usually consisted of a piece of art. By the time I settled into my first true apartment, my walls were strategically filled with various paintings, sketches, & photographs I had collected over the years. All of them original. And all of them holding special meaning to me. Building out a collection is easier than you think and it’s never too late to start.

There are so many incredible artists I have come across recently - especially in the age of social media where we now have access to such a broad range of artists and works. I will start sharing those that I discover and love to bring you inspiration & resources.


Tahsin the Good

I can’t remember how I discovered Tahsin the Good. Perhaps it was through some social media interiors exploration. I saw a captivating piece of art in the background of someone’s room post and I went on a deep dive to search out the artist.

Based in Toronto, Tahsine Hassane is the incredibly talented artist behind the beautifully constructed collage style works.

This past Christmas I asked for a small piece from the Exploration- Seed Studies Vol 2 Collection. I framed it with a black a matte and hung it in my entry-way, the piece I first see when I come home.

To discover more collections visit her website and look her up on Instagram @tahsinetahsine

Be sure to check out the thought-provoking Thinker/Feeler series, one of my favorite collections:

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