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Image via @kmile_ch

There are few materials that create the feeling of luxury in a home the way marble and natural stone can. The look is refined, timeless and effortless but unfortunately comes with a high price tag and high-maintenance reputation.

Traditionally used in bathrooms and kitchens, the material has made a modern comeback and is popping up everywhere from small carved accent tables, lighting, picture frames, serving trays and the list goes on.

To keep it current (like with anything) less is more and using it in small doses makes for an elegant accent as opposed to a featured star of the show.

Historically used in buildings, churches, sculptures and monuments across the world, marble is a stone that has been crafted for centuries upon centuries. In the world of interior design, it has classically been used on flooring, bathrooms & kitchen countertops. The 1970's ushered in a wave of designed furniture pieces featuring the material and its' popularity in furniture and home decor has only continued to rise.

Since the natural stone has a reputation for being one of the most expensive and high-maintenance materials, many brands have started to incorporate it into smaller desirable accent pieces. Making it an easy way to achieve a luxurious look without the major investment or renovation process.

Additionally, with all of the technological advances and rise in popularity of engineered stone there are now a plethora of "engineered" products that surprisingly look better than ever. Though for me nothing beats the texture, variation and eventual patina of natural stone, I have been really impressed with some of these new versions.

In decorating, I tend to stick with a neutral color palette when incorporating marble or stone items. From white, ivory, taupe, cream and black the classic colors help make this decorative trend remain timeless.

These are my top selections of new stone accessories that make it super easy to inject high-end style with very minimal effort:

Get the marble look for less- made of lightweight concrete with a marble facade crafted through a process called hydrographics. The technique is individually applied ensuring each piece has variation similar to actual marble

Nestle your books between these beautiful black stone bookends

Lovely for a room with a neutral color scheme, this decorative bowl's smooth polished interior contrasts with a carved rough-textured exterior. Perfect to place on top of a coffee table

These matte black hand-carved marble trays can be used anywhere: from key storage on a foyer console, to housing jewelry on a nightstand or even for kitchen bottle display the look is timeless and the usage endless

I love incorporating a bit of onyx for optimal elegance. These white gallery frames are an affordable and effective way to bring in the organic beauty of onyx. Each frame is handcrafted from a single block of stone ensuring plenty of variation. Display several together for extra design impact

This carved marble column from the 1970's would make the loveliest entry-way pedestal perfect for displaying a sculpture or fresh floral arrangement

Inspired by sculptural bronze tables from the 1970s, this geometric console featuring ebonized oak veneer coupled with ivory-veined black marble is truly a stunner and looks like a designer piece for a fraction of the price

Carved out of lovely white floral marble, this curved wall sconce is a simple silhouette transformed into a stylish stone standout

Crafted from solid black marble, this architectural accent table is inspired by Moroccan arches and immediately adds visual interest in both shape and texture

Made from alabaster, this decorative objet brings an understated elegance making it the perfect desk accessory or bookshelf accent piece


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